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Work With Me

Are you looking for some marketing support but you’re not quite sure what level you need?  (Or what level of support your available budget will get you to?)


Maybe you’ve tried doing it yourself, joined all the free workshops going or it just keeps dropping to the bottom of your to-do list  I get that! And that’s why I’ve got several ways I can help you.


Fishbowl Sessions

Do you have ALL THE THOUGHTS in your brain and is the chatter deafening? Is your cup brimming full of ideas and spilling over? If so, then a Fishbowl session is somewhere you can share some of my capacity and free up some of your headspace. 


A 45 min online session focused on getting you untangled from the weeds and setting you back on course.


Up The Creek Sessions

Do you feel like you're up sh!t creek without a paddle? Are you in over your head and do you feel like you're drowning? You want to swim from A to B but the pull of the current feels too strong? A Strategy Session will help you build up strength to be able to push forward to where you want to get to. 


We can spend 75 mins chatting through your latest plans to grow your business over Zoom and map out a course to get you to where you want to be.


Deep Dive Days

All this online stuff is great, but isn’t it nice to sit face-to-face with someone and chat things through? If you’re based in London/Surrey or surrounding areas we can meet up and have an entire day dedicated to mapping out your marketing strategy, marketing plan or the next 3-6 months of your content calendar. We’ll cover off your tone of voice, your community, your communication pillars and create a solid plan for you to implement.

I also work with small, medium and large agencies in client services, offering my 15 years+ experience of managing clients and projects. I offer short-term account directorship to help steady the ship on wayward projects, on-board new clients or support with new biz pitches.


 £400 per day (project rates available).

Cost: £50

Cost: £250

Cost: £975


"I worked with Siobhan recently and in just four sessions, she made me see with absolute clarity the direction I needed to take my new business. I thought I was taking it one way ... and in this time, with Siobhan's experience and vision, I realised that I wasn't being true to myself and that I needed to take it a different way. Without Siobhan's help, I would still be heading in the wrong direction trying to appeal to the wrong customer.

I will be seeking Siobhan's help and expertise in the next few weeks for the next stage. I have no hesitation in recommending Siobhan and I look forward to working with her again soon".

- Erica Ferrar

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