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(Un)professional Marketeer for the Little Fish

I’m on a mission to arm small business owners with the marketing knowledge and confidence they need to grow their business. Working with me will help you gain clarity about what to say and to who, so you can build a better, more engaged community. 

Hello! I’m Siobhan and I guess you’d call me a marketing “professional” - except I was once told that I had the potential to go really far if only I was a bit more erm, professional… 


It’s not that I’m unprofessional, it’s just that I believe in doing things differently. 

Because I don’t believe there’s a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Your marketing needs to reflect your uniqueness but I also know that means approaching your marketing as a small business owner can feel incredibly overwhelming. 

I grew up in a family business (my Dad was a baker) so I know how hard small business owners work. Small business owners are great at their ‘trade’ but struggle to wear the many hats that come with being in business alone. One day you’re the HR department, the next you’re the finance department, the next day you’re the marketing department… (sometimes you’re all 3 in one day!)


Sharing my expertise and marketing knowledge with my small business clients — helping them create customised marketing strategies — is my jam. I’ve spent the last 15 years working in marketing agencies, handling huge accounts. Now I get to share all that big league stuff with you, and help you get ahead. 

Being a small fish in a big pond is hard. I’m here to help the small fish take up a bit more space by helping business owners get clear on who they’re talking to and what they’re saying, so they can build better community engagement (and make more sales!). 

And when I’m not being a marketing unprofessional you’ll find me lacing up my running shoes and hitting the streets or park for a run. Or lifting heavy weights with my personal trainer (shout out to Kev!). 
But my ideal Friday night is making a dirty burger and fries with my husband and washing it down with a nice large glass of Malbec. I guess that’s the Gemini in me bringing balance and stopping me from becoming a total fitness fanatic.


I set up These Little Fish after returning to the rat race from my mat leave. The monumental shift that happened when I became a Mum was a really rocky time for me. Before becoming a Mum, my work was everything to me but when I became a working Mum it no longer felt right. I thought I was about to give up on the industry I had passionately worked in for my whole career. Until something clicked. It wasn’t that I didn't like doing marketing anymore, it was that doing marketing for BIG businesses was no longer my bag. Becoming a Mum had stripped me bare and in that vulnerability I felt a calling to return to my roots in small business.  


When we work together you’ll receive compassion and understanding about just how friggin hard being a small business owner is. I’ll take all the BS out of marketing and we’ll work together at a pace that suits you. We’ll create solid marketing foundations that help you build a strong business. No longer will you spend hours thinking about what to write or how to create content.


"I worked with Siobhan recently and in just four sessions, she made me see with absolute clarity the direction I needed to take my new business. I thought I was taking it one way ... and in this time, with Siobhan's experience and vision, I realised that I wasn't being true to myself and that I needed to take it a different way. Without Siobhan's help, I would still be heading in the wrong direction trying to appeal to the wrong customer.

I will be seeking Siobhan's help and expertise in the next few weeks for the next stage. I have no hesitation in recommending Siobhan and I look forward to working with her again soon".

- Erica Ferrar

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