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Fish Bowl Sessions

Do you ever feel like you’re playing small when you know you could be playing bigger? Do you wish you had the time or money to spend on marketing your business? You know you’re good at what you do, but you also know you could be getting more sales and more customers if only you had the time to sit down and give it some headspace to work out HOW. Well, that’s what a Fish Bowl session offers you. A dedicated moment in time focused on bringing you and your business up to the next level.

The session lasts for 45 minutes at a time that fits around you. During the time we spend together I will focus on the areas of your business that are in need of a bit of juice injecting into them and by the end of our time together you’ll be clearer on where you need to focus your attention. Your time is precious, I want you to end the session knowing where best to place your efforts for the greatest return. 

Over the last decade and a half (yep, I’m that old) I have worked with some of the biggest names on the high street and in the corporate world: M&S, Ikea, Boots, Always/Tampax, Sky, GWR, Deloitte and Dove - to name a few.  I have helped them power up to get more customers, attract better staff, sell more stuff and make more money. At University I studied how people’s behaviour is influenced by the media we consume. Not long after I graduated, I went back to night school (whilst simultaneously moving house and planning a Wedding!) and got more marketing qualifications from The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Basically, I know my shit and I want to pass my knowledge onto you too so you can know that shit too.     

I bet you’re thinking “Great, but I can’t afford to invest in a Marketing Consultant”. Someone with my qualifications and my experience, that’s got to come with quite a hefty price tag, right? WRONG! I know that investing in Marketing is one of the smallest lines on your budget (if it’s even on there at all) as I know that it’s difficult to justify the spend when there are so many other areas of your business vying for a bit of cash (suppliers, wages, bills, rent… the list is endless). I genuinely find it fun and I want to show you how you can find it fun too. There are no hidden levels, no “cheats” that only those in the know can use - it’s all really straightforward and I’m here to show you how. You can book a one-off 45 minute Fishbowl Session for £50 (a fraction of the price I charge my corporate clients 🤫  but I figure with their profit margins they can afford to outlay a bit more on their marketing 😉 ).



I found our session so useful: you were diligent, thoughtful and I really felt listened to throughout. You are so great at asking the right questions! The follow-up notes afterwards and content planner were really valuable, and kick-started my marketing strategy, so a huge thank you!

Laura Oldfield, Founder - The Key To It All

This is for you if you feel a bit flat, if you know you should give your marketing a bit of attention, but it always drops to the bottom of the list because, well, ALL. THE. OTHER. STUFF. 


If you want to:

  • Feel clearer about how to grow your business

  • Know what you should be offering


  • Understand where you should be talking to your potential customers 

  • Get customers coming back again and again 

This can be achieved in a 45 minute Fishbowl Session - because I have a wealth of experience behind me, I can put this all into practice for you in a succinct session that neatly packages it up for you. I’m not here to offer you this session and then try and sell you my other services - I promise you that you can achieve what you need to grow your business in a 45 minute session with someone like me. I’ve been there, seen it, done it, cried about it, laughed about it, worried A LOT about it, had too many glasses of wine over it… so now I can take all of that experience and guide you to your next step on the ladder. Think of it a bit like one of those mushrooms that The Mario Brothers get that makes them move a bit faster through the game. I can power up your game in the same way. It’s a short-sharp-burst that gets you the energy and motivation to make the next move. 

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